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Sandown Withdrawal Feasibility Study

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 News and Information

SWFSC Final report submitted to the State Board of Education Attachment
by Collins, Robert
 11/2/2015 5:42 PM


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 Shared Documents

Folder: ConsultantConsultantCollins, Robert
Folder: School DistrictSchool DistrictCollins, Robert
10-2 Kulicki.pdf10-2 KulickiCollins, Robert
9-29 Burke.pdf9-29 BurkeCollins, Robert
9-25 H Aubrey.pdf9-25 H AubreyCollins, Robert
9-25 E Aubrey.pdf9-25 E AubreyCollins, Robert
9-25 D Munsell.pdf9-25 D MunsellCollins, Robert
9-25 Aubrey.pdf9-25 AubreyCollins, Robert
9-25 Munsell.pdf9-25 MunsellCollins, Robert
9-25 Young.pdf9-25 YoungCollins, Robert
9-15 Whelan.pdf9-15 WhelanCollins, Robert
9-15 Schoppe.pdf9-15 SchoppeCollins, Robert
9-14 Desrochers.pdf9-14 DesrochersCollins, Robert
9-14 Gurczak.pdf9-14 GurczakCollins, Robert
9-14 Roberts.pdf9-14 RobertsCollins, Robert
9-14 Mazur.pdf9-14 MazurCollins, Robert
9-13 Stammely.pdf9-13 StammelyCollins, Robert
9-13 Anderson.pdf9-13 AndersonCollins, Robert
9-10 Dolce.pdf9-10 DolceCollins, Robert
9-10 Winter.pdf9-10 WinterCollins, Robert
(More Items...)


Cindy Buco (Sandown Selectman)
Jack Sapia (Atkinson - School Board)
Jason Grosky (Atkinson - Selectman)
John Sherman (Plaistow - Selectman)
Kelly Ward (Sandown - School Board)
Kim Farah (Danville - Selectman)
Rick Blair (Plaistow- School Board)
Rob Collins (Danville - School Board)

 Website Links

  Audio of the 6/16/2015 SWFSC meeting
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  Audio of the 9/22/2015 SWFSC meeting
  Audio of the 9/29/2015 SWFSC meeting
  Public Hearing 10/13/2015 - Video on Vimeo